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  1. you (or we) live and learn

    • ph.
      used to acknowledge that a fact is new to one
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    • (英文)請給小弟的草稿一點意見^^

      ...because they are over populated and polluted. I could not help wondering, “Should we or should we not, as students, live in a big city? In order to analyze, ...

    • 請各位幫忙改英文作文~

      ...will be often unhappy will also become worse will also be worsen This living habit tell us This tells us don't persist in one thing, or you will lose the other chance beside you not to persist in one thing or you will lose the...

    • Check grammar please and talk

      ...? The house where we lived was built about 100 years ago and quite Victorian. 句點。 okay the... was named have you seen a phost? by the way 這句文法...