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    • 英文句子 祈使句問題

      ...看法稍有不同,兩個句子應該都是沒有錯的 Confuse defeat with failure,and you are doomed to failure. 這基本上是兩個完整的句子. Confuse defeat with failure省略...

    • maths module 2

      ...figure out why and think of a way to manage your thought structure, then you will be doomed in any careers. In product design, information management, idea creation and...

    • 網路文章,我想要給我的外國朋友看,有人可以翻譯嗎

      ... you will like will not be again belong to you. Some things you are reluctant to part with are also doomed are again must give up. In the life has many kind of loves...