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  1. you bet

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      【口】你可確信; 的確; 當然
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    • 1. 【口】你可確信; 的確; 當然 Are you going to the match? You bet (I am)! “你去看比賽嗎?” “當然(我去)!”
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    • 什麼是you bet的英文意思呢?

      You bet! = You bet your life!你說得對!根據 Longman Dictionary... keen to do what they suggest.'Going to the party on Saturday?' 'You bet!'以下例句來自 Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner...

    • Certainly you bet是什麼意思???

      You bet 是說 “yes”的加強說法 You can be sure; certainly. 即當然,一定。 例如... at National Chengchi University? B: You bet. 那 Certainly you bet 即是"那一定是的"。

    • You bet

      um, "you bet" is more use like "yeah, you right" .....isn't really like "great... ex1. I: the hot weather is killing people You: you bet ex2. I: can we meet here at lunch time tomorrow? You: you bet. It...