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    • the meaninf of bank ?

      ...兒子還保險哩!! ^^ 2008-05-08 09:09:37 補充: 這是Dr.eye 裡面的句子 so you can count on it. You can count on him to help. 你可以指望他幫忙。 I'...

    • you can count on it~~是什麼意思啊 ??

      count on 信賴 依賴你星期六要來派對嗎?我當然會去囉 ===>You can count on it.                             ↓You can count on my ...

    • 英文字詞的造句

      ...? result in :Their dispute resulted in war. count onYou can count on me to lend a hand. put out :It's dangerous to put out your hand now. turn down :Please turn...