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  1. you live and learn

    • ph.
      used to acknowledge that a fact is new to one
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    • 英文諺語 請給我英文的解釋!!

      ...這我沒找到 (我覺得可以說 it is never be late to learn.) 但有找到這個 you live and learn said when you hear or discover something which is surprising...

    • 請幫我查有關時間的名言佳句...需20個.謝謝急須20*2

      1、Live and learn. 活到老,學到老。 2、Let byhones be ...的就讓他過去(既往不咎)。 3、Let not the sun go down on your wrath. 不要含怒到日落。 4、Light not a candle to the...

    • 名言,急需知道~~

      ...風水輪流轉http:/Look before you leap三思而後行Make your enemy your friend化敵為友Live and learn活到老學到老A contented mind is a perpetual feast知足常樂 ...