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    • 最年幼者;最年輕者
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    • young 有副詞型態麼

      理論上, 形容詞加上[-ly]構成副詞. 但是[young]這個字似乎查不到[youngly]的形態, 只有另一個相關的[youthful]有[youthfully]這樣...形容詞. 該句是簡化型態, 原始的語意是: He died when he was young. 簡化為分詞: He died being young. 而一般[分詞being...

    • 請問皆是形容詞的young跟youthful要如何區分使用?

      Young, youthful, juvenile all refer to lack of age. - 都指不足年齡, (1) Young...the general word for that which is undeveloped, immature, and in process of growth: Young 是未開展的,未成熟的, 還在成長的過程中的一般詞語 : A young colt...

    • Old fool vs. young fool?

      ...才後悔莫及。這是 old fool 最典型的例子。經常上演。 Is there also a young fool? young fool 並非常用語。只是字面上的年輕又愚蠢。 形容少不經事 wet...