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      【口】(用於反問句或單獨使用, 表示驚訝、憤怒、懷疑等)你看到過(或聽到過)... Did you ever hear such nonsense! 你聽過這種胡言亂語嗎! It cost 50p to go to the toilet; well, did you ever! 去一趟廁所要50便士; 哼, 真是聞所未聞!
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      Do you ever eat meat? (你平常吃肉嗎?)問你的平常習慣。 Is he ever at home? (他...the time 例句及說明,請參見p.293 趙振才<英語常見問題大詞典> Have you ever eaten meat?(到目前為止,你吃過肉嗎?)問你的經驗。 Did you...

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      ...て sore zore kore nanio omote どこへ生きていくの doko e ikiteikuno Do you ever shine? Do you ever shine to live or die? 摩擦を避ければ 飼い慣らさ...