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  1. yourself

    • IPA[jɔːˈself]



    • pron.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 你自己 have you hurt yourself? 你傷著自己了嗎? help yourself 請隨便用
    • 2. 你本人 you yourself said that ... 你親口說過… I gave you yourself the report 我把報告交給了你本人
    • 3. 正常狀態 you're not yourself today 你今天不大對勁兒 you don’t seem quite yourself today 今天你好像不太舒服
    • 4. 行為自然 don’t act sophisticated: just be yourself 不要故作高深,自然點兒吧
    • 5. and yourself? how are you? 你呢?你好嗎?
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