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  1. youthful

    • IPA[ˈyo͞oTHfəl]


    • adj.
      young or seeming young;typical or characteristic of young people
    • 釋義


    • 1. young or seeming young people aspiring to remain youthful
    • typical or characteristic of young people youthful enthusiasm
  2. 知識+

    • 請問皆是形容詞的young跟youthful要如何區分使用?

      Young, youthful, juvenile all refer to lack of age. - 都指不足年齡, (1) Young is... of wheat. 一匹年輕馬駒,年輕孩子; 剛開始長出的麥子。 (2) Youthful has connotations suggesting the favorable characteristics...

    • 問一句英文翻譯

      ...very identity of economic history is threatened by a takeover bid from a youthful but ambitious enterprise, the history of the environment, sometimes known as eco-history...

    • like 在此英文句中接的形容詞是?

      What is that makes people like Cook appear astonishingly youthful? 這據似乎有錯,正確應為在 is 之後加 it, 整據結構為:疑問代名詞...