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    • zoom在這句話意思

      If such a long-period comet came zooming out of deep space on a collision course with Earth, astronomers would probably...

    • gaze-in,gaze-out的差異

      ...與『拉後看』畫面。 2008-05-11 11:43:34 補充: 也可以用 zoom in and zoom out / thanks to osotasi

    • 相機or電子裡的zoo in/zoo out怎麼翻譯?

      zoo 應該是zoom的誤key Zoom 【攝影】可變焦距鏡頭 Zoom in/Zoom out (用可變焦距鏡頭拉近景物/用可變焦距鏡頭拉遠景物) 簡單的說就是 放大/縮小 (景物)