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  1. consideration
    KK[kənsɪdəˋreʃən] DJ[kənsidəˋreiʃən]
  2. n.名詞

    • 1. 考慮[U][(+for/to)]

      That matter is under consideration. 那件事正在考慮之中。Before writing your answers please give careful consideration to the questions. 請在回答之前仔細考慮一下問題。
    • 2. 需要考慮的事;動機,原因[C]

      Price and quality are the two chief considerations. 價格和品質是兩個主要考慮的問題。
    • 3. 體貼;關心[U][(+for)]

      He showed no consideration for his wife. 他不體貼他的妻子。
    • 4. 報酬,酬金;補償費[C][S1]

    • 5. 重要;尊敬[U]

      Cost was no consideration. 費用無關緊要。
  3. 變化形

    • 名複: considerations

  1. 知識+

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    Please see below; It will not be taken into consideration. Or It is not taken into consideration. Or...

    解解單字!!!!!!!!!!! campaign for the senate. 他尚未決定是否參加參議員的競選。 3. 作戰,出征 ★consideration n. 1. 考慮[U][(+for/to)] That matter is under consideration...

    LAW Question

    "Consideration" has special meaning in the Contract law. It your car, the money that I will pay you for the car is "consideration." Contract law originated with the idea that no promise/contract...

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