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  1. fold

    KK[fold] DJ[fəuld]
  2. vt.及物動詞

    • 1. 摺疊;對摺[(+up)]

      She folded up the letter and put it in her pocket. 她把信摺起來放進口袋。
    • 2. 交疊,交叉;合攏

      Fold your arms and sit up straight! 兩臂交叉,坐直!
    • 3. 包;籠罩[O][(+up)]

      He folded the pills in a piece of paper. 他用紙包住藥丸。
    • 4. 抱住


    • 1. 可以摺疊;可以對摺[(+up)]

      Does this table fold? 這張桌子可以摺疊嗎?
    • 2. (事業等)失敗,垮臺,關閉[(+up)]

      The new restaurant folded up in less than a year. 這家餐廳不到一年就歇業了。

    n.[C] 可數名詞

    • 1. 摺疊

    • 2. 褶,褶痕;褶層

      The paper tore easily along the fold. 按摺痕一撕,很容易紙就撕下來了。
    • 3. (盤起來而成的)團

    • 4. (山谷等的)坑窪

    • 5. (地形的)起伏[P]

  3. 變化形

    • 動變: folded,folded,folding

    • 名複: folds

  4. 同義字

    vi. 彎曲;折
  5. 反義字

    「vi. & vt. 摺」的反義字:
    • n.[C] 可數名詞



    • vt.及物動詞

    • suf.字尾

    • v 動詞

      ►BEND 摺疊◄ [T] to bend a piece of paper, cloth etc by laying or pressing one part over another 摺疊﹐對摺

      ►MAKE STH SMALLER/NEATER 使某物更小/更整齊◄ [T] also 又作 fold up to fold something several times so that it makes a small neat shape 摺起﹐疊好

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      fold sth in two/half

      fold sth down/up/away etc

    • n [C]可數名詞

      ►LINE 線條◄ a line made in paper or material when you fold one part of it over another 〔紙張或材料上的〕褶﹐襇; 褶痕

      ►LOOSE SKIN/MATERIAL 鬆弛的皮膚/材料◄ [usually plural 一般用複數] a rounded shape made by folded material 材料的摺疊處﹐褶子

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      return/come back to the fold

      stray from/leave the fold

    • suffix字尾

      [in adjectives 構成形容詞] of a particular number of kinds …種的; …倍的

      [in adverbs 構成副詞] a particular number of times …倍

    • 折層,折,羊欄,折痕,信徒折疊,包,合攏,交?折疊起來,徹底失敗
    • a.形容詞

    • adj 形容詞

      [only before noun 僅用於名詞前] a folding bicycle, bed, chair etc has parts that you can bend or fold together to make it easier to carry or store 可摺疊的; 摺疊式的
    • (使)折起; (因痛苦、大笑)(使)彎起身子

      坍塌; 垮掉

  1. 知識+

    |約 522 之 1-3 筆

    請幫忙翻譯英文句子 尤其是FOLD

    fold 是加倍的意思. increase by 1 fold = 加倍(翻一番) increase by 2 folds = 加倍再加倍(翻...翻四番 = 16倍 (2的四次方) .............................. increase by 10 folds = 翻十番 = 1024倍 (2的十次方) Solar conversi o n energy...

    數字-fold 的意思?

    fold用於文件時是"份數"的意思, 14 folds = 14份 fold用於算式時即為'倍數"的意思, 14-fold = 14倍


    fold n. bend; pleat; crease; depression in the ground, hollow between two hills...a double degree (形) 兩倍的, 兩重的 tenfold multiplied by ten 所以 20-fold = 20倍的

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