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  1. scourge

    KK[skɝdʒ] DJ[skə:dʒ]
  2. n.[C] 可數名詞

    • 1. (用作刑具的)鞭子

    • 2. 懲罰的工具;懲罰

    • 3. 天譴;苦難的根源;災禍

      Smallpox was once the scourge of the world. 天花曾是世界的大患。


    • 1. 鞭打,鞭笞

    • 2. 嚴懲;嚴斥[(+for)]

      He was scourged for tax evasion. 他因逃稅受到嚴懲。
    • 3. 使痛苦;折磨[(+with)]

      For fifteen years the country was scourged by war. 這個國家遭受戰爭的蹂躪達十五年之久。
  3. 變化形

    • 名複: scourges

    • 動變: scourged,scourged,scourging

  4. 同義字

    vt. 鞭打,鞭笞
    • n [C]可數名詞

      something that causes a lot of harm or suffering 禍根﹐禍害


    • v [T]

      to cause a lot of harm or suffering to a place or group of people 使遭受苦難﹐蹂躪

      to hit someone with a whip as punishment in former times 鞭打〔舊時的一種刑罰〕

    • 鞭,苦難的根源,災禍鞭打,痛斥,蹂躪
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