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  1. behind

    • KK[bɪˋhaɪnd]
    • DJ[biˋhaind]


    • prep.
    • adv.
    • n.
    • 名詞複數:behinds

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 在……的背後;在……的後面;向……的背後 There is a garden behind the house. 屋後有個花園。
    • 2. 落後於,不如 George always falls behind his schedule. 喬治老是不能按時完成計畫。
    • 3. 遲於;晚於 She arrived at the office ten minutes behind her usual time. 她到辦公室時比往常晚了十分鐘。
    • 4. 支持 The senators are fully behind his welfare policy. 參議院的議員們完全支持他的社會福利政策。


    • 1. 在背後;向背後 Mary drove. Her ten-year-old daughter sat behind. 瑪麗開車,她的十歲的女兒坐在背後。
    • 2. (留)在原處;(遺留)在後 Both of them stayed behind. 他們兩個留下未走。
    • 3. 遲;落後[(+with/in)] We are lagging far behind. 我們大大落後了。


    • 1. 【口】屁股[C] Little Tom gave him a kick in the behind. 小湯姆在他屁股上踢了一腳。
    • 2. (上衣等的)背後部分,後襟


    prep. 遲於

    ad. 遲;落後


    「ad. 在背後;遲;落後」的反義字

    • ph.
      遲到; 逾期; 慢; 晚點 The train was 10 minutes behind time. 火車晚到了十分鐘。 The plane was an hour behind time. 班機誤點一小時。
    • ph.
      未能或忘記帶 Wait -- don't leave me behind! 等等--別把我丟下! It won't rain: you can leave your umbrella behind. 不會下雨, 你不必帶傘了。
    • ph.
      【口】被關押; 坐牢 The murderer is now safely behind bars. 殺人犯現在已被關押, 不能為害了。
    • ph.
      留下不走 They all left the office at five oclock, but he stayed behind to finish some work. 他們五點鐘都離開了辦公室, 但他留下做完某些工作。
    • ph.
      比預定時間晚, 落後於原計劃 The plane arrived behind schedule. 飛機遲延到達。 The project is behind schedule again. 這項計劃又沒按時完成。
    • ph.
      完全支持 I am right behind you. 我百分之百支持你。 Quite a four students are right behind Mr. Lin. 許多學生百分之百支持林老師。
    • ph.
      遲了, 延誤; 支持, 幫助; 解釋, 找出理由 If your payments of rent get behind, you will be asked to leave. 如果你拖欠房租, 房東就會要你搬走。 We got behind Mary to be class president. 我們支持瑪麗當班長。
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    • IPA[bɪˈhaɪnd]



    • adv.
      在背後; 向後 from behind 從後面 he grabbed her from behind 他從背後抓住了她
    • prep.
      在…的後面; 向…的後面 look behind you 回頭看看你背後 the mountains behind the town 城鎮後面的山巒
    • n.
      屁股 he needs a kick in the behind 他需要鞭策
    • 在後面,落後在…後面,落後於