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  1. deal out

    • vt.
      分發;給予; 處以
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      將某物分發給一些人; 分發某物 The profits will be dealt out among the investors. 紅利將分發給投資者。 The judge dealt out harsh sentences to the rioters. 法官對暴亂者處以嚴刑。
    • ph.


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    • ph.


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    • 請問deal out有口語的翻譯嗎?

      ...不好意思,無意冒犯,恕在下直言,這整個句子根本不能把deal out黏在一起看,由於發問方向有所偏差,一號答題者的回答...強調,out of something這三個字要黏在一起看,而不是deal out。 舉一些實際例來進一步說明: 有人在Answers...

    • 我想請問 deal 的意思?] The Red Cross dealt out food to hungry villagers. 紅十字會把...處理各種詢問/問題/投訴 Have you dealt with these letters yet? 這些信件你處理...

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      ... out at a time. A2: Company uniforms are dealt out annually. A3: There are two types of uniforms...