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  1. shapes

    • shape的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
    • The sculptor worked the clay into the shape of a woman. 雕刻家將泥土捏成一個婦女的形狀。
    • vt.
      使成形;塑造,製作[(+into/from/out of)]
    • The potter shaped the clay into a vase. 陶工將泥土塑成花瓶。
    • vi.
    • adj. (常用於複合詞中)成某種形狀的

    • comb. (構成形容詞)表示形狀的(如:pear-shaped梨形的)

    • abbr. = Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe 歐洲盟軍最高司令部

    • shape的動詞現在分詞、動名詞

    • n.
    • a square/rectangular/triangular shape 正方形/矩形/三角形

      the children were cutting out shapes from paper 孩子們在剪紙

    • vt.
    • use both hands to shape the clay 用雙手把黏土捏成形

      rocks that have been shaped by the tide 潮水沖刷成形的岩石

    • vi.
    • the way things are shaping, we should be able to come 看目前的情況我們應該能來
    • adj.
    • a shaped jacket/waist 合身的夾克/背心

      shaped hair 做成髮型的頭髮

    • comb.
    • star/Vshaped 星形/V字形的

      a delicatelyshaped nose 形狀精巧的鼻子

    • abbr. = Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

    • 形狀,形態,外形,定形,形式,身材定形,使成形,塑造,計劃

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