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  1. pitch

    • KK[pɪtʃ]
    • DJ[pitʃ]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:pitched 過去分詞:pitched 現在分詞:pitching

    • 名詞複數:pitches

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 搭(帳篷);紮(營) The boys pitched a tent by the river. 男孩子們在河邊搭起了帳蓬。
    • 2. 把……定得,把……定在[O] The prices of these cars are pitched extremely competitively. 這些汽車的售價定得極有競爭性。
    • 3. 【音】為……定音高;為……定調[O] The song is pitched too high for my voice. 這首歌的起音太高了,我唱不上去。
    • 4. 帶著特定感情說(或寫)[O] He pitched his story in a sentimental strain. 他把故事寫得帶有傷感情調。
    • 5. 投,擲,扔 She pitched the ball as far as she could. 她盡力把球投得遠一些。
    • 6. 使向前(或向下)跌倒,使向外摔出[O] The carriage overturned and the passengers were pitched out. 車子翻了,乘客們被摔了出來。
    • 7. 【美】【俚】竭力推銷 The salesman stood at the door, pitching his products. 推銷員站在門口,極力推銷他的產品。
    • 8. 【主英】【俚】講述


    • 1. 搭帳篷;安營 They pitched up for the night. 他們紮營過夜。
    • 2. 投擲 He nearly always pitches too far. 他幾乎總是投得過遠。
    • 3. 向前跌;猛然摔倒;向外摔出[Q] The fisherman lost his balance and pitched into the sea. 漁夫失去了平衡,一頭栽進海裡。
    • 4. (地面,道路等)傾斜[Q] The roof of the house pitched at a 45 degrees angle. 屋頂傾斜四十五度。
    • 5. (船隻等)前後顛簸,搖晃 Our ship pitched about in the storm. 我們的船在暴風雨中顛簸。


    • 1. 投;投球[C]
    • 2. 【語】【音】音高[C] Her voice dropped to a lower pitch. 她的聲調低了下來。
    • 3. 程度;高度;強度[U][S1][(+of)] The children were in a high pitch of excitement. 孩子們高度興奮。
    • 4. 【機】間距;節距;螺距
    • 5. (船等)前後顛簸[U][the S]
    • 6. (屋頂等的)傾斜度,坡度[U][the S] The roof has a steep pitch. 屋頂很陡。
    • 7. 【口】叫賣,推銷[C]
    • 8. 【美】【俚】情況,現狀[the S]


    vi. & vt. 投;擲

    vi. 搖晃


    「vt. 投;擲」的反義字

    • n.
    • adj.
    • pitch的名詞複數
    • 鋪地石,鋪石地,俯仰


    • ph.
      動手做, 使勁做 After the Christmas dinner, we all pitched in to clean up the house. 耶誕晚餐後, 我們全都動手幫助清理房子。 They all pitched in and finished the work within two hours. 他們全部努力地做, 兩小時內就把工作完成了。
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    • KK[pɪtʃ]
    • DJ[pitʃ]


    • n.[U]
      瀝青 The room was as dark as pitch. 房間裡漆黑一團。
    • vt.
    • IPA[pɪtʃ]



    • n.
      場地 a football/rugby/hockey/cricket pitch 足球場/橄欖球場/曲棍球場/板球場 on/off the pitch 在場上/場下
    • vt.
      投擲 the explosion pitched her into the air 爆炸把她拋向空中 the new government has already been pitched into a crisis 新政府已經陷入危機
    • vi.
      猛然摔出 the rider pitched over the fence/into the water/off his horse 騎手摔過了圍欄/摔下來落入水中/從馬上摔下來



    • n.
      瀝青 (as) black as pitch 漆黑的
    • vt.
    • 程度,坡度,前傾,傾斜,投擲,音高,樹脂,瀝青投,擲,向前傾跌,紮營


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