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  1. amid

    • IPA[əˈmɪd]


    • prep.
      surrounded by; in the middle of;in an atmosphere or against a background of
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    • amid的用法?

      amid 是介係詞,經常出現在新聞報導裡面。 amid 拆開是 mid (中間) + 字首 a (at 在),所以意思 「在 after the government declared a state of emergency amid massive violence-plagued protests in ...

    • amid和among的差別

      amid prep. (介係詞 preposition) 在...之間;在...之中 We lost our companions amid the storm and the darkness. 在暴風雨和黑暗中,我們失去了伙伴。 被...包圍 ...

    • 什麼是Back home amid rice paddies

      Back home amid rice paddies and forested hills, Xu Zuoqing...