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  1. announce

    • IPA[əˈnouns]


    • v.
      make a public and typically formal declaration about a fact, occurrence, or intention;make known the arrival or imminence of (a guest or a meal) at a formal social occasion
    • verb: announce, 3rd person present: announces, gerund or present participle: announcing, past tense: announced, past participle: announced

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    • IPA[əˈnaʊns]


    • v.
      make a formal public statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention: the President's office announced that the siege would be lifted he announced his retirement from international football

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • Announce用法一問!?

      1. The crowing of cocks announced that dawn was near. =雞啼表示天快亮了...如此;that子句原是介系詞of的受詞) 和inform不同,announce沒有to announce someone of something的用法,所以就不會...

    • 怎麼分辨 declare, announce, state

      ...吧! declare: make known clearly or formally.宣布,宣告,公告,鄭重地說。 announce: make known.宣布。 state: express in words, esp carefully, fully and clearly...

    • 請問英文同義字”宣告”~~

      1. Announce: 宣布、宣告 "一件事情"...給國民知道 I have something to announce today....Mywife is pregnant...先";"前" 這個的意思跟announce也有點像 比較界於claim...