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  1. at

    • KK[æt]
    • DJ[æt]


    • prep.
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • prep.
    • 1. 在……地點

      They were already waiting at the gate when I got there. 當我到達那裡時,他們已等候在門口了。

    • 2. 在……時刻

      Jane will meet her boy friend at Christmas. 珍將在耶誕節和她男友見面。

    • 3. 向,朝,對著

      Don't shout at me. 別對我叫喊。

    • 4. 在……方面

      He is an expert at troubleshooting. 他是位排解爭端的能手。

    • 5. 因為,由於

      I woke at the sound of the bell. 隨著鈴響,我醒了。

    • 6. 從事於,忙於

      He is working hard at this thesis. 他正在努力地撰寫論文。

    • 7. 以(某種價格,速度等)

      They sold the cloth at a dollar a yard. 他們以每碼一元的價格出售這種布。

    • abbr. = ampere-turn

    • = ad-(綴於t字母前)

    • ph. 拿得到, 夠得著; 抓住; 接近

    • I can't get at the book on the shelf. 我拿不到架子上的書。

      The files are locked up and I can't get at them. 卷宗鎖起來了, 我無法取出。

    • ph. 在家裡

    • Is there anybody at home? 有人在家嗎?

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    • abbr.
      = Atlantic time 大西洋(標準)時間


    • abbr.
      = [Physics] attotesla


    • abbr.
      = antitank
    • IPA[æt]



    • prep.
    • at the corner 在拐角處

      be at church/the concert 在教堂做禮拜/在聽音樂會

    • abbr.
      alternative technology
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