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  1. get at

    • ph.
      拿得到, 夠得著; 抓住; 接近;查明; 理解
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    • 1. 拿得到, 夠得著; 抓住; 接近 I can't get at the book on the shelf. 我拿不到架子上的書。 The files are locked up and I can't get at them. 卷宗鎖起來了, 我無法取出。
    • 2. 查明; 理解 I cannot get at the meaning of this sentence. 我不能理解這句句子的意思。 The book is very hard to get at. 這本書很難懂。
    • 3. 試圖證明(或說明) I didn't see what he was getting at until he said he forgot his wallet. 我一直不懂他在暗示什麼, 直到他說出忘了錢夾的事。 What is he getting at? 他講這話是什麼意思?
    • 4. 【口】賄賂; 買通; 以不正當手段對...施加影響 Someone had got at the witness before the trial. 在審判前已經有人買通了證人。 One of the witnesses had been got at. 有一證人已被收買。
    • 5. 著手處理, 著手於(工作) I have to get at my homework tonight. 今晚我得做家庭作業。
    • 6. 【口】指責, 數落; 含沙射影地攻擊; 糾纏 Who are you getting at? 你在攻擊誰? She feels she's being got at. 她覺得自己一再受人數落。


    拿得到, 夠得著; 抓住; 接近