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  1. away

    • IPA[əˈweɪ]



    • adv.
      不在;在…距離處; 間隔…的時間
    • adj.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 不在 I have to be away by 10 我10點鐘之前一定要走 to be away 缺勤
    • 2. 在…距離處; 間隔…的時間 50m away 50米之外 stand away from the edge 遠離邊沿
    • 3. 向別處 to crawl away 爬走 to drive away 駕車離開
    • 4. 在客場


    • 1. 在客場的 the away team 客隊
    • 2. 醉酒的 to be well away 酩酊大醉


    1. to or at a distance from a particular place or person

    2. conceptually to one side, so as no longer to be the focus of attention

    3. into an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping

    4. into non-existence

  2. 知識+

    • far & away

      The school is far away from here. far away from = 副詞+副詞+介系詞 當介系詞用 far away from here=介系詞...片語 The school is two blocks away from here. two blocks away from here=形容詞+名詞+副詞+介系詞 +名詞 =介系詞片語 The sun is...

    • away??away??

      ...贊同意見區Beth大大的訂正. go/get in one's way : 阻礙某人 另本句的away應是存在的, 但不應在句尾; 我覺得句子應是: I wish they have put away everything...

    • keep away 的正確用法

      ...句子裡的作用是及物還是不及物: I've told him to keep away, but he won't listen.這裡的keep是不完全不及物動詞(連繫動詞...