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    • 野蠻的,粗野的
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    • barbaric 與 barbarous 的用法差別

      Barbaric 現在僅意為「殘忍的,殘暴的,兇殘的」(very cruel, brutal),如 barbaric tortures (十分殘忍的刑求);a barbaric...a.m. (清晨五點給人打電話是缺乏教養的行為);a barbarous writer/style (用語粗俗的作家/粗鄙的文體)。 由上可知,barbaric 和 barbarous 這兩個形容詞在「殘忍的,殘暴的,兇殘的」意思上是同義詞。 但是只有barbarous可用來說沒有禮貌的...

    • 請教一個句子的文法架構分析

      ... will look on and see as backwards, or even barbaric? "are there" is a phrase and ...about what is "backwards" or "barbaric". "backwards" = "backward" ...

    • [急問]希望有人翻譯一句話

      I hope that everyone can understand that Chinese are not a crowd of rude, barbaric tribe but civilized people.