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  1. be crazy about

    • ph.
      很喜歡..., 對...狂好
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    • 1. 很喜歡..., 對...狂好 My son is crazy about swimming. 我兒子極好游泳。


    很喜歡..., 對...狂好


    「很喜歡..., 對...狂好」的反義字

    • ph.
      對...是高興(快樂) He said he was happy about my decision. 他說他對我的決定感到高興。
    • ph.
      對...感到困惑 He was confused about the question and did not know how to answer. 他對這個問題感到困惑, 不知道如何回答。
    • ph.
      擔憂 I am anxious about the result of his examination. 我為他的考試結果極為擔心。
    • ph.
      懷疑, 半信半疑
    • ph.
      講究; 挑剔 She is very particular about what she wears. 她對穿著十分講究。
    • ph.
      即將, 正要 As I was about to say when you interrupted me ... 我正要說的時候, 你插嘴了... We are about to start. 我們即將動身。
    • ph.
      把某人/物當作議題(或重點) The news is all about the latest summit meeting. 這條消息是關於最近的首腦級會議的。
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      對...瘋狂, 迷戀 The silly girls were wild about the filmstar. 那些愚蠢的女孩崇拜電影明星如醉如狂。
    • ph.
      對...感到憤怒 Don't be angry about trifles. 不要為小事發怒。
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      不要用「即將」去理解 be about to 和 be ready to,這兩個片語的語感不同,引用你的例句來比較意思: ... are ready to take the test. 我們都準備好參加考試了。 We are about to take the test. 我們即將要參加考試了。 be about to 講的是「即將」,著重...

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