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  1. be certain about

    • ph.
      肯定, 確定
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    • ph.
    • 1. 肯定, 確定

      He is very certain about it. 他對此很肯定。


    肯定, 確定


    「肯定, 確定」的反義字

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    • ph.

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    • 請問 should would 等助動詞的用法

      ... certainty than could might or may. they are used when you are fairly certain about the present situation:she should be upstairs.--------------------------------------------less formal   can...

    • 可以表示將來的時式有那些?

      ... (for instant decision; willingness; talk about things in the future that we can be fairly certain about.~ no sense of wish and intention) It is raining. I will...

    • 我有英文用字的問題

      ...大大,這個certain不是那個certaincertain有另外一個意思是指確定 e.g. I am not certain about my history answer. (我不確定我的歷史的答案對不對。) 所以你的上半段...