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    • 國中英文英文文法

      ...形容詞(因為是用來修飾主詞,而不是修飾連綴動詞,所以不用副詞) 1.連綴動詞如become/get/turn/grow/keep/stay等等 2.Ex:Mom asked us to keep quiet,這裡的安靜是用來修飾「us」;而We had to talk quietly的安靜...

    • 中翻英的作文~教我技巧和翻譯喔!10點

      ...noisy. So in our class, which really can't be quiet, She usually gets mad. Later on, her getting mad becomes the funniest time in our class. The more she...

    • 請幫我用英文自我介紹

      ...162cm and my weight... Well, it's secret! I was a quiet person to whom got to know me from the past, since then i become more in an opposite way, being noisy all the time. Yet i am easy...