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    • 我要問英文的一些問題~~

      before a butterfly becomes an adult是一個副詞子句,提供a butterfly goes through some very...是因為during that time應該是指after a butterfly has become an adult之後,所以主要子句應用未來簡單式。因為發生的時間點...

    • 有沒有人可以幫我修正這篇文章?(20點)

      ...前 After August 9,I'll become adult. In my life journey,family occupy an important...後 After August 9, I'll become an adult. In the journey of my life, my family...

    • 各式各樣的語言

      ... still the best the best friendsSend you to become adult the gift to wish your happy birthdayThe autumn of 2006 法文:...