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  1. behave

    • IPA[bəˈhāv]


    • v.
      act or conduct oneself in a specified way, especially toward others;(of a machine or natural phenomenon) work or function in a specified way
    • verb: behave, 3rd person present: behaves, gerund or present participle: behaving, past tense: behaved, past participle: behaved

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    • 英文一開始不是都是主詞加上動詞嗎???

      Behave yourself in public places 這是祈使句 你可以看成You must behave yourself in public places . you-->主詞 behave-->動詞 yourself-->受詞 但是祈使句主詞省略 所以就變成 Behave...

    • 關於英文文法的一個問題

      Mather behaved as if she were a little girl. 本題並非所謂的假設... he would marry May. 本題 Mary behaved as if she were a little girl.只是一般語氣,非假設...

    • 英文名詞子句的疑問?

      ...打得不亦樂乎」 的樣子。 所以, I think how most celebrities behave is admirable. = I think the way that most celebrities behave ...