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  1. come

    • KK[kʌm]
    • DJ[kʌm]


    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:came 過去分詞:come 現在分詞:coming

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • vi.
    • 1. 來;來到

      Could you come (to) see me tomorrow? 你明天能來看我嗎?

      Come and look at the picture. 過來看看這幅畫。

    • 2. (往對方的方向)去;(說話者與對方一起)去

      Will you come with me to the store? 你和我一道去商店嗎?

      I will come to see you on my way home. 我回家途中來看你。

    • 3. 到達(某處);達到(某一階段)[Q]

      Three years later, he came to power. 三年後他上臺掌權了。

      They eventually came to the small town? 他們終於抵達那個小鎮。

    • 4. (時間)到來;(輪流)到

      The time has come for a change. 是到了改變一下的時候了。

    • 5. 達(到),伸展(到)

      The bus line comes near the school. 這條公車路線一直延伸到那座學校附近。

    • 6. 變成,達到(某種狀態)[L]

      My shoe came loose. 我的鞋帶鬆了。

    • 7. 終於……,開始……[+to-v]

      I came to realize that he was right. 我終於認識到他是對的。

    • 8. (與how連用,構成問句)(怎麼)會的

      How did you come to lose your watch? 你怎麼把表弄丟的?

    • 9. 發生;降臨;出現[(+of/from/to)]

      The answer suddenly came to me. 我突然想出了答案。

    • 10. 出身於,來自[(+from/of)]

      Bob comes from an old family. 鮑伯出身於一個古老的家族。

    • 11. (從……)產生;(商品等以某種形態)供購買[(+from/in)]

      This dress comes in four sizes. 這種服裝有四種尺寸供選購。

      Illness may come from a poor diet. 飲食不良會生病。

    • 12. 【粗】(性交)達到高潮
    • vt.
    • 1. 【口】搞;弄

      He thought to come a trick over his old pal. 他想跟他的老朋友開個玩笑。

    • 2. 【口】擺出……的樣子,裝出

      Don't come the stern father. 別擺出一副嚴父的架勢。

    • 3. 將滿(……歲)

      She is coming eighteen. 她快十八歲了。


    vi. 來到;達到;出現


    「vi. 來;變成;發生;來自」的反義字

    • n.
    • With the coming of winter the days get shorter. 隨著冬天的到來,白晝短了。
    • adj.
    • this coming Tuesday 下一個星期二
    • come的動詞過去式

    • n.
    • comings and goings 來來往往
    • adj.
    • I leave this coming Monday 我下週一離開
    • pt ▶come

    • 來,來臨,成為

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    • ph. 停止工作; 罷工

    • The miners have come out on strike. 礦工已罷工。

    • ph. 進來

    • Paul: Hi, Sara. I hope that I'm not late. Sara: Come in, Paul. You're early. 保羅: “嗨, 莎拉。我希望我沒有遲到。”莎拉: “保羅, 請進。你來早了。”

    • ph. 倒塌

    • The ceiling came down suddenly. 天花板突然塌落。

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    • IPA[kʌm]



    • vi.
      來; 沿…下來/上來; 穿過…進來
    • (I'm) coming! (我)來了!

      to come home 回家

    • vt.
    • she came the helpless female 她裝得像個無助的女人

      don't come the innocent with me! 別在我面前扮無辜!

    • n.
    • prep.
    • it'll be a year come June 到六月份就有一年了
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