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    • 請給我''How come,How long''此歌中文歌詞

      ... even blamed things on herself But no one came to her aid Nothing was wrong as far as we could tell That's what we'd like to tell ourselves...

    • 六人行英文

      你一伸手進去,加點動作,然後,胸罩就從袖口出來了。 依我之見,這是男人所能做的最高的了,對吧? As far as I'm concerned: 依我之見,讓我來講。

    • [中翻英]請英文高手幫我翻譯,越淺顯易懂越好

      As far as I know, personality has nothing to do with genetic inheritance. Its formation comes from our environmental background. Such influences come from ...