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  1. commotions

    • commotion的名詞複數
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    • 英文文法問題!!!!超超超重要的!!!!

      1. 像一個句子a commotion involving three hens and a rooster woke the twins, who... deeply 這困惑我很久了 這involving 是形容詞片語嗎?來修是commotion嗎? [說明]involing three hens and a rooster是分詞片語,修飾主詞commotion...

    • 用十個單字組成一篇文章~~~

      A【commotion】was caused on the street; a crowd of people surrounded there...

    • 英文問題,英文大師請回答

      起哄 gather together to create a disturbance gather together and cause a commotion kick up a fuss(起哄 )~惹麻煩 kick up a row (起哄 )~引起騷動 助興...