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    • 請問英文教甄文法題一題?

      ...子句當大主詞. 時態是現在, 要注意搭配. That acne has been controlled by daily consumption of the new medicine gives patients a new hope. 翻譯...

    • 英文中動詞及副詞的選擇

      ...介繫詞: with: we can control it with command line ~ 用某種工具控制 by : it can be controlled by people ~ 被人們控制 例: this article is provided by a young...

    • using?by using?

      ... the ADCPOLL/ADCPOLR register bit成為分詞片語修飾software control. by + 動名詞片語 = by means of + 動名詞片語 (或by way of; by virtue of) 當副詞...