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  1. cross

    • IPA[krɒs]



    • n.
      叉形; 叉; 十字形;十字架; 十字形紀念碑; 十字標
    • adj.
      壞脾氣的; 生氣的;橫向的
    • vt.
      穿過; 渡過; 越過; 衝過; 飛越; 劃過;橫穿; 橫跨
    • vi.
      穿過; 渡過; 飛過; 劃過;交叉
    • 過去式:crossed 過去分詞:crossed 現在分詞:crossing

    • 名詞複數:crosses

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 叉形; 叉; 十字形 to make one's cross 畫押
    • 2. 十字架; 十字形紀念碑; 十字標 the Cross 十字架 to make (sign of) the Cross 用手畫十字
    • 3. 磨難 to take up one's cross 承受磨難 we all have our cross to bear 每人都有自己的苦難要承擔
    • 4. 雜交種; 混合物 a cross between sth. and sth. 某物與某物雜交的產物 a cross between sth./sb. and sth./sb. …與…的混合體
    • 5. 橫傳; 鉤拳 a right cross 右手鉤拳


    • 1. 壞脾氣的; 生氣的 to be cross with sb. 生某人的氣 to be cross about sth./doing sth. 因某事物/做某事生氣
    • 2. 橫向的
    • 3. 斜線的


    • 1. 穿過; 渡過; 越過; 衝過; 飛越; 劃過 to cross the stage 從舞臺的一端走到另一端 to cross the floor (of the House) 改變立場加入對手政黨
    • 2. 橫穿; 橫跨 a line crossed the page 這一頁上劃了一條橫線
    • 3. 超越; 掠過 it crossed my mind that ... 我突然想到…
    • 4. 與…相交; 使…交叉; 祈求交好運 to cross each other 相交 to cross paths 相遇
    • 5. 在…上打叉
    • 6. 畫橫線於 to cross a cheque 在支票上畫線
    • 7. 用手畫十字於 I cross my heart (and hope to die) 我發誓(,否則不得好死)
    • 8. 阻撓 to cross sb. in sth. 在某事上反對某人 to be crossed in love 戀愛受挫
    • 9. 使雜交 to cross sth. with or and sth. 使…與某物雜交
    • 10. 橫傳


    • 1. 穿過; 渡過; 飛過; 劃過 to cross from ... (to ...) 穿過…(到…) to cross the river on a ferry 乘渡船過河
    • 2. 交叉 our paths cross frequently 我們經常相遇
    • 3. 迎面而過; 錯過 we crossed in the hall 我們在大廳裡擦肩而過 to cross with sth. 與某物交錯而過
    • 4. 傳中


    1. an upright post with a transverse bar, as used in antiquity for crucifixion

    2. something unavoidable that has to be endured

    3. an animal or plant resulting from cross-breeding; a hybrid

    4. go or extend across or to the other side of (an area, stretch of water, etc.)

    5. go across or climb over (an obstacle or boundary)

    6. pass in an opposite or different direction; intersect

    7. cross-fertilize (a plant)

    8. oppose or stand in the way of (someone)


    「1. something unavoidable that has to be endured」的反義字

    「2. oppose or stand in the way of (someone)」的反義字