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    • 勇敢,膽量
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    • 英文dare的用法

      ... to translate as: To my surprise, he dares NOT to tell me this thing ! dare not is... explanation. 2011-11-03 22:32:12 補充: "dare" is just a regular verb, however, sometimes, it ...

    • How to use ”dare”?

      DARE may be used as a main verb and as a semi-modal. "One DARE...actually do. As a main verb functions some verbal phrase with the verb DARE in an exclamative way: "Someone daring to do something" and in ...

    • (英文) dare

      How dare you tell me to shut up! 你竟敢叫我閉嘴! dare是助動詞, 性質與can, may, must, do/does, have/has, will/shall等一樣. dare也可當及物動詞用. 例如: I dare not walk alone in the dark. = I don...