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    • 得體,禮貌,正派
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    • 誰能給我英文心得??

      ...ambiguity of good and evil, and its misleading concept of materialism over human decency, may have the answer. No wonder kids nowadays desire a PS2 more than...

    • 這個奇摩知識在警告我嗎

      ... members to conduct themselves with a high degree of integrity, decency, and respect.) 最後就是說你在Yahoo! Answers上的發言及行為都...

    • 這句英文有沒有更讓人懂更順暢的意思

      ...個相應不理(be VAGUE),但是不能擺個臭臉,所以這個vague的前提是with DECENCY(通情達理、合宜、正派端莊)。建議譯為: 就算不能熱情以對,至少也要相敬...