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    • 下降,傳下,遺傳;屈尊,降格,墮落
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    • feces in descending

      there is feces in descending and sigmoid colon --- 排泄物沒有排乾淨並且推積在S型的結腸裡面 fece--- 排泄物 descend ---下降;下來 sigmoid--- S型的 colon--- 結腸 希望能幫到你!

    • descend backwards 是怎麼樣的下降方式?

      ...from their lofty heights for short periods of time, generally descending backwards to the ground. 無尾熊是樹居有袋類動物,牠們只從...

    • sort order?的ascending及desceni

      ascending a. 遞增的descending a. 遞減的ascending sort order 遞增排序 例如:筆劃由少開始排到最多...