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    • tournament ,discussion 對調可以嗎?

      ...2011-07-17 22:02:35 補充: 各位需要知道 英文不是光看文法 而是要看習慣用法 discussion, contest, competition, tournament都有比賽的意思 tournament 通常是用在娛樂或球隊的比賽...

    • all future discussion意思?

      ... is the definitive guide that sets a benchmark for all future discussion of the flavour of spirits of all sorts. 蘇格蘭威士目錄...

    • Ebola Prevention Discussion

      What are your views on Ebola outbreaks in Africa? ★ We should first try to find ways to stop the further spread of the virus. ★ On the other hand, it is better to investigate the source of the virus. Is...