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  1. division

    • IPA[dəˈviZHən]


    • n.
      the action of separating something into parts or the process of being separated;the distribution of something separated into parts
    • noun: division, plural noun: divisions

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  2. 知識+

    • (division)是否為可數名詞與造句

      ... of the Comtemporary English 對 division 一字之註解。division為可數名詞(countable大部分都用... form smaller opposing groups division between/within/among something 圖片參考:http://www.ldoceonline...

    • division 跟 department都是部門,,

      Division 是"處", department 是"部門". 在組織圖上, "處"比"... Sales Department Sales & Marketing Division 或是 "研發處數位相機產品開發部" DSC Product ...

    • 請問all four of the divisions ?

      我想作者主要想強調”許多部門下的該四個部門”特別需要人力, 所以才用all four of the divisions 如果不特別強調, all four of the divisions 是可以直接用all four divisions