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    • 簡單自己介紹喜愛的禮物 ˇˇ 幫我看看夠不夠通順

      ...junior high, I got a doll from one of my classmates. ...'s not a Barbie but a doll made from a manufacturer called... not common . I often dress it up, put make up on its face and even...

    • 什麼是BARREL DOLL??

      ...pattern around three barrels in a triangular arrangement.The cowgirl will take up a gallop and ride towards the first barrel. They must make a complete loop around the barrel then accelerate toward the...

    • 很急很急的翻譯幫忙修改一下 幫忙修改英文~謝

      ...accident on the way, delivered the medical first aid to pick a life by luck.But the forest... to access the net to buy the toy doll, the model, before or runs up to clamps the baby machine, to clamp the...