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  1. dry

    • IPA[drʌɪ]


    • adj.
      free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist;(of paint, ink, etc.) having lost all wetness or moisture over a period of time
    • v.
      become dry;cause to become dry
    • n.
      the process or an instance of drying.;a dry or covered place.
    • verb: dry, 3rd person present: dries, gerund or present participle: drying, past tense: dried, past participle: dried

    • noun: dry, plural noun: dries

    • 釋義
    • 片語




    • 1. the process or an instance of drying.
    • 2. a dry or covered place.
    • Australian the dry season the grass was yellowing and the dry had started
    • Australian a tract of waterless country the forty-mile dry
    • 3. British a Conservative politician (especially in the 1980s) in favour of strict monetarist policies.
    • 4. US a person in favour of the prohibition of alcohol evangelical dries had seen to it that the nearest bottle of whiskey was miles away
  2. 知識+

    • cut and dried

      ...英文里有许多字既可做动词,也可以做名词或形容词。Dry就是一个例子。Dry run里的dry是一个形容词...根据以往的老做法来行事。任何事情要是被说成cut and dried,那就很可能是没有什么吸引人的地方,因为缺乏新...

    • 說話drily? 乾乾地? dry?

      ...不想搭理; 「形容單調的聲音」,聽不出感情/情緒。 這些情況都可以用「dry」來形容,副詞則為「drily」。

    • dry your eyes mate

      dry your eyes mate = stop crying 意思就是不要再哭了 希望有幫到你喔~