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    • 不停的,無窮盡的,無盡的
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    • Endless Rain歌詞

      ...く)の薔薇(ばら)につつむ I keep my love for you to myself Endless rain, fall on my heart 心(こころ)の傷(きず)に Let me...

    • enternal 跟 endless 的用法一樣嗎@@?

      ...無窮盡的意思",那用法上也是一樣的嗎?? Yes, sometimes. eg. eternal love = endless love But Eternal usually for "time" related. ...

    • 想請問各位大大 這句英文

      endless a. (形容詞 adjective) 無盡的;長久的 The journey seemed endless. 這旅程彷彿是無窮無盡的。 He has given me endless...