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    escape from

    • ph.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 逃避現實

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    • ph. 逃脫…的魔掌

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    • escaping to 意思

      ... be afraid of what you are escaping from. You should be afraid of what you ...日本, 舊金山, 到布魯克林). 本書的關鍵在於Escape這個字, 所逃離的不僅只是一個地方, 可能還是...

    • [單字用法] lie和escape

      ... lies Skagit Valley, Wasgington, a peaceful escape from urban life. (1)西雅圖的北邊坐落著Wasgington的Skagit Valley...

    • 逃家/蹺家的英文

      ... "escape" and "flee": He made his escape from the jail. or The murderer escaped from a prison. He threw...