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  1. ever

    • IPA[ˈevər]


    • adv.
      at any time;used in comparisons for emphasis
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    • 片語


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    • ever 用法 & say/tell 區別

      ever 查了幾個網站,大概是這幾個意思 1. at any time Do you ever go to Ireland on holiday? Have you ever...come 和 say) 有無 ever ,對句子有差嗎? 有!!當然有差,ever 加強了語氣 尤其是第二句 Don't ever say that...

    • ───→~ever的意思←───

      ever [基本字彙] <<副詞>> 1 總是 ever hoping to strike it rich 總是想賺大錢 2 a. 曾經 Have you ever...

    • ”ever” ?

      肯定句還疑問句都可以吧 疑問句例句:Have you ever been to America? *****但若用於肯定句(該句...的句子;通常不可以使用在肯定句。 例: Have you ever been to the U.S.A? No such...