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  1. extend

    • IPA[ɪkˈstɛnd]


    • v.
      cause to cover a wider area; make larger;cause to last longer
    • verb: extend, 3rd person present: extends, gerund or present participle: extending, past tense: extended, past participle: extended

    • 釋義
    • v.
    • 1. cause to cover a wider area; make larger:

      the car park has been extended

    • 2. cause to last longer:

      they asked the government to extend its period of deliberation

    • 3. straighten or spread out (the body or a limb or device) at full length:

      hold the index finger down with the thumb extended

    • 4. spread from a central point to cover a wider area:

      the damage extended 400 yards either side of the shop

    • 5. occupy a specified area:

      the mountains extend over the western end of the island

    • 6. be applicable to:

      her generosity did not extend to all adults

    • 7. hold (something) out towards someone:

      I nod and extend my hand

    • 8. offer or make available:

      she extended an invitation to her to stay

    • 9. cause (someone or something) to exert the utmost effort:

      horses have the strength of character to extend themselves to their utmost limit

  2. 知識+

    • spread extend expand 其他像謠言、傳染病都會 spread。 extend 是著重在「伸」、「延」的動作,不夠長要 extend,是沿著一個軸線延長。例如...

    • 本句的extend是啥意思比較恰當?

      extend在這裡是"伸出"你的右手的意思 以下是extend的各種意思 你可以參考一下 KK: [] 1. 伸展;擴大;延續 The tourist season extends from May till October. 旅遊季節從...

    • prolong 和 extend 兩者的差別

      prolong life 我覺得比較正確, 我本身在國外讀書 extend 通常是看在, 擴展方面比較多, 以及延長時間 像是外國歷史有用到許多的 extend...