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  1. food

    • KK[fud]
    • DJ[fu:d]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:foods

    • 釋義
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    • n.
    • 1. 食物,食品[U][C]

      Many sweet foods are on sale in the store. 這家商店在廉價出售多種甜食。

      Milk is the natural food for babies. 牛奶是嬰孩的天然食品。

    • 2. (精神)食糧,材料,資料[U]

      Books are food for the mind. 書是心靈的食糧。


    n. 食物,食糧;營養品

    • food的名詞複數

    • 食品

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    • ph. 天然食品; 自然食物

    • Most people like natural foods. 大多數的人喜歡天然食品。

    • ph. 速食品

    • There were no cars or trains, no telephones, no color televisions, and no fast food! 沒有車子或火車, 沒有電話, 沒有彩色電視, 也沒有速食品!

    • ph. 內部試用;內部試用的軟體

    • ph. 粗茶淡飯

    • ph. 垃圾食物(指速食店一般食物);營養成分低的速食

    • Kids nowadays love to eat junk food every day. 現在的小孩每天都喜歡吃速食。

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    • IPA[fuːd]



    • n.
      食物; 養料
    • food and drink 飲食

      to cook or prepare food 做飯

    • 食物,食品,糧食

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    • Food, glorious food 英翻中

      Food, glorious food                食物,好棒的食物Is it worth the waiting for       If we...請求嗎我們可以去借或是去乞討嗎但是沒有任何事可以阻止我們得到快樂當我們閉上雙眼開始想像           Food, glorious foodHot sausage and mustardWhile we're in the moodCold jelly and custardPease...

    • food的用法

      food, fruit, people指的都是"集合名詞",如果後面加s成複數型的話,表示種類的意思。也就是說,如果光指"食物"的意思的話,用food就可以了。然而,Milk and beef一個有兩類食物,屬於第三人稱複數,所以...

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      I cant distinguih wether the food is regular or not. Both of them are smae taste to ...a cloned cow. Why do the businessman lkie to sell the cloned food? This is trend we cant block.