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  1. formula

    • IPA[ˈfɔːmjʊlə]


    • n.
      a mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols;a set of chemical symbols showing the elements present in a compound and their relative proportions.
    • noun: formula, plural noun: formulae

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    • 飲料名稱 formula 該怎麼翻?

      formula的意思,在科學上叫方程式,化學上叫化學式。 例如CO就是一氧化碳的化學式。CO is the formula for carbon monoxide. 至於你提到的飲料formula,其實這個字最常用來表示配方奶(a...

    • 可以幫我解釋一下這些名詞嗎?

      ..., while the latter is paid in one lump sum. final pay formula:The benefit in a defined benefit pension plan is determined...

    • Find the heat capacity

      Formula: Q = m(△T)Cp metal - m= 500kg, △T=100。C - 21...