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    • 求 初音未來 FREELY TOMORROW 平假歌詞

      ... Trick 生(う)まれ変(か)われる (Wow Wow) Freely Tomorrow 少(すこ)し震(ふる)えていたの 幼(おさな)くなる君...

    • 請問 英文?

      freely ye have received , freely give 這是聖經裡 耶穌說的話, 後來被引用 變...就是你的" What's mine is yours 這樣讀會比較懂 : freely give what you have freely received ----> "無條件的獻出你們所得到的...

    • 請問一道英文題目!為何答案是BC呢?

      ...動詞原型。例如題目的句子: If only I were able to fly as freely in the sky as a bird, I would be happy to death. 假如我能像小鳥一樣在天空...