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  1. gear up

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    • 1. (為某事物)(使)某人/某事物準備好 The company's gearing up for the big export drive. 公司正為大規模出口作好準備。 I was all geared up to go on holiday, and now it's been cancelled. 我興致勃勃地做好去度假的準備, 可是現在吹了。
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    • 誰知道safety gear的意思

      ...smoothly. 齒輪嚙合得很好。 2.開始工作 3.準備好;安排好[(+up)] They geared up for the new season's production. 他們為新的一個季度的生產作好準備。 4.適應...

    • 英文翻譯,可以順便解釋一下內容(有關航運)

      Felixstowe (as well as Southhampton) are gearing themselves up for bigger vessels.Felixstowe (以及Southhampton...

    • 衝業績 英文怎麼說

      ...,9171,1056272,00.html Auto show gears up sales for local dealers