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  1. go about

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      從事, 忙於; 變成習慣去做某事;(與形容詞或動詞-ing形式連用)四處活動; 在交際方面活躍
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    • 1. 從事, 忙於; 變成習慣去做某事 It is dangerous to go about on the construction site without a safety helmet. 不戴安全帽在工地上走來走去是危險的。 He knows how to go about repairing the machine. 他知道怎樣著手修理這台機器。
    • 2. (與形容詞或動詞-ing形式連用)四處活動; 在交際方面活躍 She goes about barefoot. 她光著腳四處走。 It's unprofessional to go about criticizing your colleagues. 四處活動批評同事是不符合職業道德的。
    • 3. (指傳言、故事等)流傳, 傳播 There's a rumour going about that Sue and David are having an affair. 有謠傳稱休和戴維關係曖昧。
    • 4. (指疾病)傳染, 流行 There's a lot of flu going about at the moment. 現在流感傳染很廣。


    從事, 忙於; 變成習慣去做某事

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    • 請問go about其他同意字和片語有哪些

      1. go about: 著手做 同意字 : tackle 片語 : go around; go round + V-ing/N. We can't go about criticizing people like that. 我們不能像那樣去批評別人. 2. go about...

    • 請問怎翻譯下面這一句

      版大您好,您所詢問應該是 go aboutGo about 是英文裡常用的不及物動詞。有多重定義: 1. to change direction...something 繼續做某事;忙於某事  舉例: Despite the threat of war, people went about their work as usual. 3. to tackle something; to approach something 處理某事...

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      ...接 V-ing/N. (......如何?) For example: How/What about going to a movie tonight? How/What about you? Go about (= set about...