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  1. go along

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      (尤用於as之後)進行下一項活動; 繼續;進展; 發展
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    • 1. (尤用於as之後)進行下一項活動; 繼續 You may have some difficulty at first but you'll find it easier as you go along. 初時可能有些困難, 繼續做下去就會覺得容易多了。 He made the story up as he went along. 他說的內容是現講現編的。
    • 2. 進展; 發展 Things are going along nicely. 事情進展得很好。
    • 3. 同意; 合作 I can't go along with your suggestion. 我不贊同你的提議。


    (尤用於as之後)進行下一項活動; 繼續


    「(尤用於as之後)進行下一項活動; 繼續」的反義字

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    • Go along to get along 一問

      Go along to get along 句中翻譯 隨遇而安 . 此句是這個意思嗎? . 是恰當的 Go...相處..... [ 慣用語 ] Ex; The course gets more difficult as you go along, . working better, it goes along to get along well. 這課程進行...

    • 請問一個英翻中?

      go along - 順著做..如: go along with his plan, 順著他的計劃.get ahead - 就開始這樣做 = get started. 如: you need to get ahead with this plan. 你必須開始著手做這個計劃. go along to get ahead - 就順著這樣開始去做吧.

    • 請問Go down ....和Go along有什麼差別呢?

      go down=走下去 go along=一起走 你給我他的上下文我比較好幫你在進一步符合句子的翻譯! 因為這些用法有時候是依照句子來翻譯的 希望有幫助!